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Statistics show that every third inhabitant of the Czech Republic falls ill with cancer during their lifetime and every fourth inhabitant dies of it. The increasing number of reported oncological diseases is linked with a number of factors. Population aging contributes to this since age is the main risk factor of malignancy, especially due to the accumulation of risk factors. Overweight and obesity together with polluted environment and higher occurrence of physical and chemical carcinogens such as dioxins in the air or agrochemicals which are found both in agricultural products and sources of drinking water are also significant risk factors.

In the last few decades oncology has seen a significant improvement in diagnostics. Therapeutic progress, which enables early detection of cancer and the availability of of better treatment, gives the patients a chance to live a longer, better life. Furthermore, oncological diseases are viewed as the condition of the whole body which requires strengthening the habits of a healthy lifestyle. Diet, apart from sufficient amount of sleep and healthy exercise, is a very important factor. In fact, a well-chosen diet can help patients better tolerate cancer treatment and it also appears to help maintain remission.

During active cancer treatment, whether surgical (operation) or oncological (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, biological treatment, it is important to provide the body with sufficient high quality and easily available food because only a well-nourished body tolerates cancer treatment better. The patients can lose their appetite and weight, they can suffer from diarrhoea or constipation. They can also have difficulty swallowing and are often tired and lack will.

Clinical nutrition nutrego FORTE provides premium and sufficient nourishment before, during and after cancer treatment. The body needs a lot of energy to fight the tumour so it is necessary to provide it with an increased input of proteins and energy. Nutrego® FORTE can be taken in the form of supplementary or complete nutrition. It contains all essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and trace elements necessary for maintaining good health.

One dosage of nutrego®FORTE (330 ml) contains:

  • 667 kcal energy
  • 28 g protein
  • 26.4 g fat
  • 52.1 g sugars

Clinical nutrition nutrego FORTE is available in 6 flavours. It is well-tolerated and easy to digest and administer in the form of drink or by gavage. Recommended daily dosage is 1 bottle as supplementary nutrition or 3 bottles as complete nutrition.


6 flavors

Nutritionally complete hypercaloric nutrition with high protein content and no fibre, intended for malnutrition or the risk of it in patients with increased requirements for protein and energy in their diet. Nutrego FORTE can also be used in patients to improve their nutritional state before/after an operation. It does not contain gluten or lactose, so it is suitable for lactose intolerance and coeliac disease.

Food for special medical purposes.

Nutritional values per package (330 ml): energy: 667 kcal, proteins: 28 g, fats: 26,4 g, carbohydrates: 79,2 g, sugars: 52,1 g
Nutritional values per package (200 ml): energy: 404 kcal, proteins: 17 g, fats: 16 g, carbohydrates: 48, sugars: 32 g

• Recommended daily dosage of 330 ml: 1 bottle as supplementary nutrition, 3 bottles as complete nutrition
• Recommended daily dosage of 200 ml: 1-2 bottle as supplementary nutrition, 3-4 bottles as complete nutrition

• 6 flavours: chocolate, vanilla, wild strawberry, apricot, cappuccino

sales packaging: 330 ml, 200 ml, 12 x 330 ml, 12 x 200 ml
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