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Chronic kidney diseases (CKD) is kidney damage that lasts at least three months. The main indicator is a reduced glomerular filtration rate (GFR – simply put, the removal of waste products from the body) below a certain level. Symptoms such as protein or blood in the urine may also be present. Diabetes mellitus (diabetes), high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis (vascular disease) most often lead to CKD. Nutrition and its composition play an important role in preventing the progression of this disease (deterioration of kidney function). It is important to ensure sufficient energy intake in carbohydrates and healthy fats, and to limit the amount of protein in food as recommended by your doctor. The nutrego Renal special nutrition is developed exactly for the requirements of patients in predialysis, where improving nutritional health (e.g. with malnutrition or the risk of it) is a significant factor affecting the patients’ quality of life. 

In the words of a nutritional specialist:

Tackling malnutrition is not simple with this illness. It is important to give the body protein, but not too much – while paying attention to the intake of potassium, phosphorous and sodium (if your doctor recommends it). This is why Nutrego has developed the product nutrego Renal, which supports patients with CKD with an energy dose (162 kcal/100 ml) without risking an increased dose of protein and certain minerals. Addressing malnutrition early at the risk stage for CKD patients means not just preventing complications (the consequence of malnutrition) but also maintaining optimal body health during this chronic disease.


Nutritionally complete hypercaloric nutrition with adjusted amounts of proteins and electrolytes (phosphorus, potassium, sodium) for patients with malnutrition or at risk of it in chronic or acute kidney disease in the pre-dialysis stage. Nutrego RENAL can also be used in patients with hypertension due to a low amount of sodium. It does not contain gluten or lactose, so it is suitable for lactose intolerance and coeliac disease.

Food for special medical purposes.

Nutritional value (330 ml): Energy: 535 kcal, protein: 13 g, fat: 20 g, carbohydrates: 75.9 g, of which sugars: 36.3 g
Nutritional value (200 ml): Energy: 324 kcal, protein: 8 g, fat: 12 g, carbohydrates: 46 g, of which sugars: 22 g

• Recommended daily dose of 300 ml: 1 bottle as supplementary nutrition, 3 bottles as complete nutrition
• Recommended daily dose of 200 ml: 1-2 bottles as supplementary nutrition, 3-4 bottles as complete nutrition

• Flavours: chocolate, vanilla

Sales package: 12 x 330 ml, 12 x 200ml
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