History of Nutrego

Clinical nutrition Nutrego is produced on modern production lines of the Bohemilk a.s. dairy plant in Opočno. This place has been connected with the manufacture of dairy products and special nutrition for a very long time as the first dairy products were made here as early as 1936. Twelve years later, in 1948, the manufacture of baby food SUNAR started here. SUNAR was a food replacement for infants used in case of insufficient breastfeeding. Almost all infants in the then Czechoslovakia were fed SUNAR. It was made in Opočno for 28 years until 1976. Over time, the local dairy plant started to work on the development and production of special nutrition for children with congenital metabolic defects, phenylketonuria or galactosidase.

The dairy plant had all modern technologies available – both for the production and packaging of dairy products and baby food. SUNAR (dried whole milk), SUNARKA (dried mixture of dried milk, sponge biscuits and vanilla sugar), FEMINAR (milk, soya, oil, lactose, whey protein, maltodextrin, vitamins B6, C), EVIKO (dried whole milk), LAKTON (dried soured milk), RELAKTON (dried acidophilus milk with maltodextrin, sugar and lactic acid).

In the 1990s the dairy plant in Opočno was owned by the NUTRICIA and FRIESLAND companies. Since June 2005 it has belonged to the BOHEMILK company, which is part of the InterLacto Group. Nutrego has been manufactured on the production lines of the dairy plant since 2018.