Dysfagie - poruchy polikání

Dysphagia is a swallowing disorder most commonly found in patients over the age of 60, but can even affect children. It is a condition where it is difficult for solids or fluids to pass from the mouth to the stomach. Depending on the type of problematic food (a solid or liquid diet), we opt for the dysphagia solution. If it is a problem swallowing solid food, we modify the food mechanically (blend it, grind it, cut it, or soak dry pieces). The opposite problem is problems with swallowing liquids, including soup, which we resolve with a thickener. The most common causes of swallowing disorders in adults are strokes, various neurological degenerative diseases, or oncological diseases (head and neck tumours, including the consequence of post-radiation therapy), and more. The complication of this disorder (dysphagia) is mostly inhaling (aspiration) food or liquid into the airways causing inflammation. The consequences of dysphagia are mostly dehydration and malnutrition, as patients prefer not to eat/drink to avoid coughing, as coughing while eating/drinking is the most common symptom of dysphagia.

In the words of a nutritional specialist:

The key is to identify the type of dysphagia, i.e. what causes the patient problems: solid food or liquids. Then the food needs to be modified to the best format – from small pieces to blended food or thickening liquids to various consistencies (nectar to honey to custard). Seeing a speech therapist for a clear diagnosis is ideal, to lead to the best solution. We have to ensure that the client does not lose weight and gets enough liquids as part of their nutrition. If liquids are not a problem for the client, we can use nutrego Forte as a variant with a high amount of protein and energy. We can also use this food for fortification, or enrichment of food (we work with it like with flavoured milk – except the temperature cannot exceed 50 °C. In the event of problems swallowing liquids, we can also make the nutrego Forte the consistency of pudding or utilize nutrego Creme.


Nutritionally complete hypercaloric nutrition with high protein content and no fibre, intended for malnutrition or the risk of it in patients with increased requirements for protein and energy in their diet. Nutrego FORTE can also be used in patients to improve their nutritional state before/after an operation. It does not contain gluten or lactose, so it is suitable for lactose intolerance and coeliac disease.

Food for special medical purposes.

Nutritional values per package (330 ml): energy: 667 kcal, proteins: 28 g, fats: 26,4 g, carbohydrates: 79,2 g, sugars: 52,1 g
Nutritional values per package (200 ml): energy: 404 kcal, proteins: 17 g, fats: 16 g, carbohydrates: 48, sugars: 32 g

• Recommended daily dosage of 330 ml: 1 bottle as supplementary nutrition, 3 bottles as complete nutrition
• Recommended daily dosage of 200 ml: 1-2 bottle as supplementary nutrition, 3-4 bottles as complete nutrition

• Flavours: chocolate, vanilla, wild strawberry, apricot, cappuccino

sales packaging: 12 x 330 ml, 12 x 200 ml
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Product code: P00002