Dysfagie - poruchy polikání

Dysphagia is a disorder which manifests itself with a bite getting stuck when swallowing and then bringing it back from the esophagus to the mouth. Most often, it is caused by neuromuscular system disease, gastroesophageal reflux or tumours in mouth and neck, which are conditions that result in malfunctioning or the narrowing of the esophagus. Among older patients, people suffering from Parkinson's disease and people after a stroke are the ones who are most affected by this disorder.

Undernourishment, airway inflammation, dehydration or the inflammation of the oral cavity caused by yeast are the most common risks associated with dysphagia.
The most serious complication of swallowing difficulties is the so-called aspiration – inhaling the bite into the airways. It most often affects stroke patients or patients who underwent head and neck radiotherapy. They do not feel the bite or are not able to swallow it properly and they also lack the cough reflex. This results in pneumonia caused by food in the lungs.

Poor diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia bring on a number of hardships. Difficulty in swallowing, coughing when eating, change of voice, food or drink leaking out of mouth and weigh loss are just some of them. People with these difficulties also suffer from social problems because they often avoid communal dining.

An important step in treating dysphagia is a suitable nutritional therapy which makes swallowing easier, supplies the missing nutrients and helps the patient to recover. Clinical nutrition nutrego FORTE is an optimal solution for patients suffering from dysphagia. It can be taken as supplementary or complete nutrition and is easy to swallow and digest.


6 flavors

Nutritionally complete hypercaloric nutrition with high protein content and no fibre, intended for malnutrition or the risk of it in patients with increased requirements for protein and energy in their diet. Nutrego FORTE can also be used in patients to improve their nutritional state before/after an operation. It does not contain gluten or lactose, so it is suitable for lactose intolerance and coeliac disease.

Food for special medical purposes.

Nutritional values per package (330 ml): energy: 667 kcal, proteins: 28 g, fats: 26,4 g, carbohydrates: 79,2 g, sugars: 52,1 g
Nutritional values per package (200 ml): energy: 404 kcal, proteins: 17 g, fats: 16 g, carbohydrates: 48, sugars: 32 g

• Recommended daily dosage of 330 ml: 1 bottle as supplementary nutrition, 3 bottles as complete nutrition
• Recommended daily dosage of 200 ml: 1-2 bottle as supplementary nutrition, 3-4 bottles as complete nutrition

• 6 flavours: chocolate, vanilla, wild strawberry, apricot, cappuccino

sales packaging: 330 ml, 200 ml, 12 x 330 ml, 12 x 200 ml
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