Nutritional therapy is a field dealing with the nutrition of the human body. It finds out the patient's nutritional needs, evaluates his eating habits and assesses whether they are appropriate with regard to his state of health. The aim of nutritional therapy is to positively affect nutrition in such a way that helps to improve or maintain the patient's state of health.

Good nutrition is an inseparable part of convalescence and health care. Special attention needs to be paid to seniors and the aging population. For our patients we have developed a complete product range that helps to improve their health and thus their lives. The positive effects of the products of Nutrego clinical nutrition were confirmed during several clinical studies.

The products of Nutrego clinical nutrition are the result of work and studies of doctors and nutritional experts. They are primarily designed for patients with special dietary needs during an illness when they may have an increased demand for energy and other nutrients (especially proteins). Nutrego clinical nutrition can supply the body with what it exactly needs in order to cope with the illness. The nutrition has precisely defined composition suitable for various medical conditions and illnesses. It can be used as a complete food replacement or supplement and it can be used in the form of drink or by gavage.

The products of Nutrego clinical nutrition are primarily designed for domiciliary care, hospitals and care homes where they are recommended by health professionals and paid for by sickness funds. They are also available from pharmacies and online shops.

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