Snížená funkce ledvin

The accumulation of waste substances in the body, increased blood pressure, change in blood composition, mineral disbalance, the inability of the body to process vitamin D and gradual withering are the symptoms of reduced renal function. The patient himself may not know about the disease as it usually is not painful. The visible signs are usually red blood cells and proteins in urine, swelling around the ankle, on the hands and the face.

Reduced renal function in older patients is mostly caused by high blood pressure and diabetes. It is a chronic disease which, in case of poor diagnosis and neglected medical treatment, may lead to kidney failure. Another risk for patients with reduced kidney function is the fact that they may develop cardiovascular disease.
Renal function can be replaced in several ways. In lighter cases of kidney disease, conservative treatment consisting of dietary measures with modified protein, potassium and phosphates intake together with other blood pressure control and metabolic disorders medicines are sufficient. In serious cases of kidney failure, renal function must be replaced either by hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. In such situations, successful kidney transplantation is possible for indicated patients.

A part of the complex treatment of patients with kidney disorder is a number of lifestyle and dietary modifications. Together with drug treatment, they aim to slow down the gradual loss of kidney function and delay the need for replacement with artificial kidney (dialysis) or transplant.

It is advisable for patients with reduced kidney function to supplement their diet with the special nutrego RENAL drink. Patients with chronic or acute kidney failure waiting for dialysis benefit from its low content of salt and protein. The drink also prevents malnutrition.

One dosage of nutrego RENAL (330 ml) contains:
• 535 kcal energy
• 13 g protein
• 20 g fat
• 36.3 g sugars

Clinical nutrition nutrego RENAL is available in 6 flavours. It is well-tolerated and easy to digest and administer in the form of drink or by gavage. Recommended daily dosage is 1 bottle as supplementary nutrition or 3 bottles as complete nutrition.

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