Who we are

Nutrego is a Czech company established in 2018 and is fully controlled by the joint-stock company Charing Cross Scientific.

Nutrego’s product portfolio comprises high quality clinical nutrition products with precisely defined ingredients that help with a variety of medical conditions and illnesses. Nutrego clinical nutrition is intended for patients with oncological diseases, those with eating disorders, before surgery and after gastrointestinal tract operations. Last but not least, it is also intended for geriatric patients.

Where our products are made

Nutrego products made in the region beneath the Orlické mountains, namely in Opočno, which has modern production lines of the well-known dairy plant Bohemilk a.s. with the capacity of producing not only premium qulity milk but also a number of other products.

Bohemilk a.s. – dairy plant Opočno has a rich history of manufacturing dairy products including infant dating back to 1936. The production capacities are maintained at top quality including certifications for infant and clinical nutrition. The plant also makes a whole range of well-know products not directly linked with dairy industry.