Who are we?

We are a group of doctors and nutritional experts collaborating within the framework of the project of the Charing Cross Scientific company which offers their customers products of clinical and sport nutrition.

We make Nutrego clinical nutrition products for people who need them most (oncology patients, patients with eating disorders, patients waiting for surgery, patients after intestinal surgery and geriatric patients).

On the basis of research into biochemical composition of the products the nutritional experts have confirmed that we are able to make premium quality products for ordinary people who have increased energy expenditure and too little time to eat well. In such a case, our sport nutrition products can help them as they meet the needs of active people.

Where are the products made?

Nutrego is a Czech product made in the region beneath the Orlické mountains, namely in Opočno, which has modern production lines of the well-known dairy plant Bohemilk a.s. with the capacity of producing not only premium qulity milk but also a number of other products.

Bohemilk a.s.–dairy plant Opočno has a rich history of manufacturing dairy products including infant dating back to 1936. The production capacities are maintained at top quality including certifications for infant and clinical nutrition. The plant also makes a whole range of well-know products not directly linked with dairy industry.

Who came up with the idea to start the production of clinical nutrition Nutrego?

Doctors from the Imperial College London and Charles University in Prague together with dr. Gojiš have been thinking about this since 2010. Both teams are in daily contact with both patients and other professionals and specialists. While they communicated with each other, they started to perceive the need to offer patients  high-quality clinical nutrition that will be made in the Czech Republic, will be based on the latest scientific studies, will be available both on prescription and over the counter and will offer cheaper yet high quality products.

On the basis of research and studies, it has been found that in cooperation with specialists on clinical nutrition it is possible to develop other products that may be useful for ordinary people with increased energy expenditure (sportspeople and active people in general). Dr. Gojiš has built important foundations for products for this field but he leaves the brand building and development of Nutrego sport nutrition up to his team.