chirurgie kritické stavy

Major surgery is always an intervention in the human body bringing it a lot of stress. Patients often fight stress before the operation and lose weight. After the operation they may suffer from digestive problems, food cramps, nausea, diarrhoea or constipation or they may lose their appetite. In addition, they are in pain associated with the surgery. This all leads to the patients eating less resulting in not having enough energy and foundation stones for successful healing and convalescence.

For the human body to best deal with the operation and to minimize possible postoperative complications it is advisable to take good care of it several weeks before the surgery. Plenty of exercise and varied diet are the foundation. While in hospital and after the surgery it is important to maintain rehabilitation and diet recommended by the doctor. What can help the body in the period of surgery even more is providing it with enough energy and proteins. Thanks to them, the body can quickly gain strength, the wounds heal better and the convalescence is not that long. Clinical nutrition nutrego FORTE offers a solution for surgical critical conditions.

It is ideal for strengthening the immune system – it promotes wound and bed sores healing, it is suitable for injuries, in the preparation for surgery and for faster recovery after operations.

One dosage of nutrego®FORTE (330 ml) contains:

  • 667 kcal energy
  • 28 g protein
  • 26.4 g fat
  • 52.1 g sugars

Clinical nutrition nutrego FORTE is available in 6 flavours. It is well-tolerated and easy to digest and administer in the form of drink or by gavage. Recommended daily dosage is 1 bottle as supplementary nutrition or 3 bottles as complete nutrition.


6 flavors

Clinical nutrition nutrego FORTE is recommended especially in case of increased protein consumption. It contains all nutrients, minerals, vitamins and trace elements which are needed when the body is weakened, when it fights the disease and also during the subsequent convalescence. It promotes wound healing after injuries, it is suitable for undernourished people, people with swallowing difficulty and for the preparation for surgery. It is recommended to oncology patients. Nutrego FORTE is well-tolerated and easy to digest and administer. It is gluten free and lactose free.

Nutritional values per package (330 ml): energy: 667 kcal, proteins: 28 g, fats: 26,4 g, carbohydrates: 79 g, sugars: 52,1 g
Nutritional values per package (200 ml): energy: 404 kcal, proteins: 17 g, fats: 16 g, carbohydrates: 48, sugars: 32 g

• Recommended daily dosage: 1 bottle as supplementary nutrition, 3 bottles as complete nutrition
• 6 flavours: chocolate, vanilla, wild strawberry, apricot, cappuccino

sales packaging: 330 ml, 200 ml, 12 x 330 ml, 12 x 200 ml
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