Nutrego is a Czech company which, together with its partners, provides services in the fields of nutrition therapy, gynaecology, internal medicine, practical medicine, dermatovenerology, clinical psychology and others. We help to ensure comprehensive services in the area of nutritional care for malnourished patients or patients with eating disorders, oncological diseases, patients before or after a surgery, patients after gastrointestinal surgeries and last but not least, for geriatric patients.

Clinical nutrition Nutrego is produced in the Czech Republic and complies with the highest quality standards. All our products are registered by the State Institute for Drug Control as foods for special clinical purposes. Products of Nutrego clinical nutrition can only be prescribed by doctors holding the FO16 licence in the field of Clinical nutrition and metabolic care, which is granted by the Czech Medical Chamber. In such case, health insurance companies pay the full or partial price of the product. Nutrego can also be got from a network of pharmacies as an over-the-counter medicine, for which patients pay themselves.